Losing Faith In Medical Science

Losing Faith In Medical Science

Sep 26

So, Grey’s Anatomy had its fifth season premiere last night, and it further confirmed my desire to never be hospitalized for any reason.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I love every poorly-lit juke and jink in Meredith Grey’s tortured, self-obsessed psyche, and the sassy TV banter that’s the closest I can come to wit on basic cable now that Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars have had their genius transmuted into ephemera.

What struck me during this two hour festival of emotional tragedy in which affairs are revealed, people are impaled with icicles and the phrase “You’re my person” or some variation of it is uttered something like 80 times, is mostly the sheer idiocy of every single one of the characters. Except for Dr. Journeyman, who is apparently only around for this episode, if IMDB is to be believed.

GA used to have a cast of relatively normal people that provided a stark contrast to Meredith Grey’s angry, frustrated megalomaniac depression. Over time, though, every character on the show has become so tainted by her contagious insanity that none of them are capable of behaving like adults any longer. The Chief, the brilliant surgeons, the nursing staff, the interns, the residents – all of them are idiots. Of course Seattle Grace isn’t a top-tier hospital any longer – the best heart surgeon in the country quit because of a bad break-up, one of their interns murdered a patient, and the nurses are too busy having sex to remember to pass meds on a good day. And the Chief is right, it’s all Meredith’s fault.

God, do I love this show.


  1. imdb lies! Dr. Journeyman is recurring with series regular potential!

  2. Oh, awesome! Him and McDreamy are gonna have a confrontation!

  3. I’m willing to suspend a lot of disbelief for this show, but I actually had issue with the real science last night.

    The freezing of the spine took place WAY too long post-trauma to have been that effective, especially considering the issues they went through during the procedure.

    The Buffalo Bills player was saved from paralysis only because the medical personnel began the process almost immediately.

  4. Is Batman on this show?

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