Dr. Journeyman

Dr. Journeyman

Sep 11

Yeah, we’re all a little quiet around here this week. Blame it on the incredible state of brain deadness that inevitably occurs right after releasing an issue of Grok. (We’ve only released two issues so far, but trust us: we know this to be true. Also, insert obligatory “read Grok, it is the greatest thing ever” plug here).

So today, I’m giving you a Really Really Super-Duper Incredibly Fun ALL PLAY. (Yes, I just switched from “we” to “I.” I was speaking for all of us, and now I’m just me. Follow the bouncing ball, etc.)

This is in honor of one of my loves, Kevin McKidd, aka Journeyman, joining Grey’s Anatomy this season. Check it…

Photo courtesy Kevin McKidd Online.

I don’t watch Grey’s. But I might have to follow McKidd to the angst-ridden hallways of Seattle Grace, because what they’re offering here is a regular dose of Journeyman. And thanks to the big mean meanie show cancelers at NBC, I can’t get that anywhere else.

What does it take for you to follow one of your Favorite Genre People elsewhere? To, say, a non-genre offering? Does it depend on the person? Does it depend on the level of excruciatingness of said non-genre offering? Is a regular dose of Journeyman worth it, considering that he 1) will probably not be time-traveling and 2) might have to share the screen with Meredith the Whine Machine? Tell me.


  1. Hmm. Is a regular dose of Journeyman worth it, considering A) and B)? The answer is, he’s KEVIN MA-FREAKIN-KIDD. And while somewhat odd-looking in stills, he is pretty (and pretty) badass in motion.

  2. I tried watching Grey’s Anatomy when it first aired but it annoyed the crap out of me. But now that the delicious Kevin McKidd is going to be a regular on the show, I HAVE to watch it. I’m excited to get regular doses of McKidd again.

  3. I might not be your target demographic for this question, as my loins are not on fire for Kevin McKidd, but my answer is: no, it’s not worth it.

    His inclusion in any project is worth my taking a cursory look. But if I don’t think I’ll enjoy the product he’s part of, I’ll wind up grumbling to myself and anyone in the vicinity about the injustice of Journeyman getting canceled.

  4. I should hate Grey’s Anatomy, but I love it. I love that it’s an absolute trainwreck of sassy banter and delicious, overwrought melodrama.

    I think one of my justifications is that Becky is nuts about it (and given her status as a confirmed non-geek, it’s one of the few shows we can both watch without excessive eye rolling), even though she pauses every five seconds to complain about how a real hospital would never do such-and-such despite what Shonda Rhimes says about accuracy.

  5. I always want to be more “brand loyal” to my favorite actors, but it’s hard to do when the projects they’re involved in don’t absolutely trip my trigger.

    Case in point: My personal McDreamy is Philip Baker Hall, from the Paul Thomas Anderson flicks and that Library Cop episode of Seinfeld. I love watching him act, and those jowls…mmm, I’d love to suckle on those!

    Yet his taste in projects is somewhat…questionable. I always meant to watch The Loop since he was on it, but cmon, that show looked like shit. And Pasadena…I think he died in the first episode. I think I watched that.

    Anyway, it’s way harder than it looks, for me at least.

    (Is this Journeyman dude playing like a combat surgeon who insists on wearing fatigues to his new civilian job at Seattle Grace?)

  6. I think he’s playing McDreamy’s former lover, who’s been detained as a POW all of these years and has just gotten released.

    As the show keeps reaching for contrived reasons to keep Meredith and McDreamy apart, a scenario like this becomes more likely.

    Possibility #2 – Kevin McKidd is playing himself (and he’s practicing surgery and shooting a war flick at the same time because he’s just that good). Everybody will call him ‘McJourneyman’.

  7. It’s not uncommon for me to follow actors to different shows, but in this specific instance I already watch “Grey’s Anatomy” – Kevin McKidd is just a bonus. “Rome” was awesome, “Journeyman” went away too soon.

    Also, if I do follow an actor to a show, the show has to keep me there. The presence of the actor will not do that.

    I follow writers, too…Joss Whedon, JJ Abrams, Aaron Sorkin, Deborah Kahn, Marti Noxon…

  8. I’m with you Elwood–I follow writers and creators a lot more easily than actors, and I’m willing to give them a lot more time to figure out a new project than I am with actors.

  9. I like Jeff’s storyline suggestions way more than the actual storyline.

  10. The next time you bump into Shonda at Target, tell her about my ideas.

    Apropos of nothing, “it is the greatest thing ever” is an awesome tagline.


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