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By Matt Springer

The Star Wars prequels taught a generation of awestruck, compassionate nerds to become hateful, bitter cynics. It was a Bizarro-Woodstock of geekery. In Poodoo, you can watch one man’s slow decline from rationality to angry madness and finally to acceptance. By Matt Springer, with an introduction by real-life college professor Steven P. Millies, Ph.D.

People talk Poodoo:

“This book ought to be recommended as a staple to round out everyone’s Geek Internet reading–the collection of ten years worth of Star Wars articles is the journey we all undertake with our True Geek Love…His wry humor and the way he comfortably embraces his crazy geekness only make Poodoo that much more enjoyable. He’s assembled his painful journey for us so that we may keep it as a reassurance that no, we’re not alone. We may be fucking crazy, but we’re not alone.”
Kristina Wright, Geeked

“I’m about half-way through so far and it’s a hoot.”
Jason, Phoning It In