Grok the Halls: Chris’s Beary Chrismas Holiday Tunes Mix!

Grok the Halls: Chris’s Beary Chrismas Holiday Tunes Mix!

Dec 09

Ho ho ho!

I know you didn’t ask Santa for this. I know you wanted that BB gun, or the new Outed CIA Handler Barbie, or chalk or whatever it is you kids like today.

But Santa ain’t here! So you get my first official holiday mix, which – I am happy to say – doesn’t overlap with Matt’s at all! I give you Beary Chrismas and a lump of coal, ya brats!

As part of the festivities this year, we encourage you to donate a few dollars to Child’s Play, the awesome charitable organization for gamers & geeks that helps put toys, games, and other essentials into hospitals for sick children.

For those of you in a rush and no time to walk through a series of online transaction steps, you can text the keyword GAMERS to 50555 on your mobile phone to have a $5.00 donation to Child’s Play added to your bill or deducted from your prepaid account. Please consider it.

Beary Chrismas, Vol. 1 (2010)

1. “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas,” Gayla Peevy
2. “Winter Wonderland,” Doris Day
3. “Holiday On Skis,” Al Caiola & Riz Ortolani
4. “Winter Weather,” Squirrel Nut Zippers
5. “Deck The Halls,” Manheim Steamroller
6. “Little Saint Nick,” The Beach Boys
7. “Sleigh Ride (Chandilicious Remix),” Bran Van 3000
8. “Keep Me Warm,” Josh Mease
9. “Another Lonely Christmas,” Prince and the Revolution
10. “Christmas Time,” The Darkness
11. “Merry X-mas Everybody,” Slade
12. “This Christmas,” Donny Hathaway
13. “(Simply Having) Evergreen,” mc chris v. Wings v. castewar
14. “Winter Time,” We v. Machine

Download the zip file (82 mb)

Don’t forget Matt’s 2010 mix from yesterday.

Cover art by Unknown, from some Batman comic where he fights a brown bear. I changed it. If anybody knows the issue, please let us know.

The Bin – 4/30/10

The Bin – 4/30/10

Apr 30

It’s that time again — time to cram every bit of awesome and sort-of-awesome and maybe-not-as-awesome-but-shit-we-need-to-fill-up-some-space from the past week into one tidy little feature. We call it…The Bin!

This week there’s a bit of a twist – Saturday, May 1st is Free Comic Book Day! Yay!

The Bin–3/5/10

The Bin–3/5/10

Mar 05


Back in the day, we used to just like stuff every week. We still like stuff, but now we mix in links, videos and other random claptrap. We call it the Bin, and it will steal your heart away.

First look at US Spaced remake

First look at US Spaced remake

Mar 04

I think I burned out my geek-rage gland. Not over the subject of this post, mind; just in general. It might be an age thing. Inspiring any nerd passion in me requires that it involve something close to my heart, and even then, I often default to a (shrug) “What do they know? They don’t get it and I’m not interested in explaining it to them” position.

So, it is with complete and utter raising of one lazy eyebrow, that I repost this YouTube clip from Frederico Dordei’s website – It’s a 5 minute sampling of the US remake of Spaced and Dordei plays the role of Brian/Christian.

The only thing worse than running zombies – zombie Superman

The only thing worse than running zombies – zombie Superman

Aug 19

I’m here to say, I don’t know that I like Blackest Night, in principle. Obviously, something is going to save the day – this is unlikely to be some massive DC corporate meltdown, years in planning, and devastating in the way it consumes intellectual properties and franchises.

And yes, there’s a message brewing on the nature of death in the DC universe, and I await that with anticipation.