One Con Glory


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By Sarah Kuhn

Diehard fangirl Julie loves Buffy marathons, fighting about comic book continuity, and being left alone.

But more than anything, Julie loves Glory Gilmore, a mostly-forgotten C-List superheroine from the world of ’80s comics.

For years, she’s longed to reclaim the precious Glory action figure that’s eluded her grasp so many times before. And one fateful weekend, she has the chance to do just that.

Of course, no great quest is ever simple. Before she can triumph over the forces of loudmouth nerds and clueless Mundanes everywhere, Julie will have to deal with an avalanche of unexpected obstacles. In the midst of battles for videogame supremacy and frustrating encounters with a supremely irritating TV pretty boy, she’ll be forced to reconsider her fandom and reevaluate her life.

She might even have to talk to people.

Featuring Glory-ous illustrations from Max Riffner, Pj Perez, and Benjamin Birdie! Cover by Chris Stewart! Check out an excerpt and rate the book on GoodReads!

One Con Glory is currently in development as a feature film!

About the Author: Sarah Kuhn lives in Los Angeles with a geek husband, an extensive Buffy action figure collection, and way too many comic books. She is the author of the forthcoming Heroine Complex trilogy for DAW Books and has written about everything from comics continuity conundrums to Vulcan mating rituals for such fine publications as Apex Magazine, Back Stage, IGN, Geek Monthly, The Hollywood Reporter, and Sarah contributed an essay to the Hugo-nominated anthology “Chicks Dig Comics” and has been featured on such popular panels as San Diego Comic-Con’s “Geek Girls Exist” and “Sci-fi That Will Change Your Life” and GeekGirlCon’s “Geek Girls in Popular Culture.” In 2011, she was selected as a finalist for the CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment) New Writers Award. She has also written two short story sequels to One Con Glory, which you can find here and here. Email Sarah or find her on Twitter.

Praise for One Con Glory:

“One Con Glory is ultimately a fast and satisfying read, one where it’s not enough for our heroine to get the guy. She has to get the action figure, too.”
—Lauren Davis, io9

“If Bridget Jones owned an officially-licensed Green Lantern hoodie, she would be perfectly at home in Sarah Kuhn’s One Con Glory: an endlessly amusing — and surprisingly sexy — dash through geek culture that will satisfy both the comic-con-attending faithful as well as anyone who loves a witty, inventive, keenly-observed romantic comedy.”
—Javier Grillo-Marxuach, creator, The Middleman

“I started laughing two pages into this book, and did not stop, although by the end I was also interjecting adoring coos… One Con Glory is sharp, witty, well-paced, feminist geek girl good times.”
—Karen Healey, author, Guardian of the Dead

“A fast and fun read.”
—Whitney Matheson, Pop Candy, USA Today

“With its prickly (but lovable) heroine, tongue-in-cheek look at conventions, and genuinely heartwarming romance, One Con Glory has it all. Sarah Kuhn’s tale of emotional realization, of a childhood hero lost and found — sprinkled throughout with a healthy dose of pop geekery — is not to be missed.”
—The Book Smugglers

“I loved all the little twists and shout-outs and smashed-up stereotypes… Above all, I enjoyed the way cultural references weren’t just token shout-outs, but were used to show us the character’s worlds and thoughts.”
—Carrie S., Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

“Reading One Con Glory is just pure geeky fun! I laughed out loud at SO many familiar references and recognized so much of myself in the characters. Great book, and I hope there’s a sequel! I want more geek awesome from Sarah Kuhn.”
—Jessica Mills, creator-star, Awkward Embraces

“The characters of One Con Glory are believable without straying into blatant stereotypes of the variety of geeks out there. You know these guys; they’re your friends, your neighbors, your raiding party… Hollywood needs to option this NOW.”
—Jill Pantozzi, The Nerdy Bird/Heartless Doll

“Funny, sharp, and charming, Sarah Kuhn’s One Con Glory is as smart as it is smart-assed: not only is it fluent in geek-speak, it knows we’ve got more issues than just the ones in our longboxes. One Con Glory bears approximately the same relation to chick-lit novels that Spaced does to sitcoms: it is (to quote from the Six Million Dollar Man opening) better, stronger, faster. A frakkin’ fun read from a writer to watch out for.”
—Jeff Lester, The Savage Critics

“One Con Glory is a terrific book. You know, for a book where you have to make all the pictures with your mind. It’s got a really good voice and is full of win.”
—Paul Horn, writer-artist, Cool Jerk

“A surprising love story populated with unusual but endearing characters you can easily imagine meeting on the comics convention circuit. It’s like Notting Hill with cosplay. Also, Julie is totally right about Scott and Jean.”
—Caroline Pruett, Fantastic Fangirls

“It’s a good, fast and in-joke-laden read, with an excellent first chapter that sucks you in. Check it out, if you’re looking for a beach or plane book, or if you’re a fan of nerd romance in general.”
—Esther Inglis-Arkell, 4thletter!

“It’s nice to see the con circuit covered in a way that doesn’t reduce everything to hackneyed stereotypes and pitiful figures. Julie seems like the type of character that is informed by truth rather than quick gags. I thought of her as an amalgam of Daria and Tina Fey, mixed with a salty dash of Diablo Cody.”
—Rory Kelly, writer, Cryptozoo

“Being such an enjoyable read, the normal thing to say would be, ‘It ended too soon!’ But, Kuhn knows the secret that so many don’t: when to stop. One Con Glory, like Firefly, Pushing Daisies, and NextWave, ends while it’s still fun and in my good graces. It will never jump the shark or abuse my fan loyalty.”
—Lisa Fary, Pink Raygun

“Packed with more pop-culture references (real and disguised) than you can shake a gaffi stick at, the pages of One Con Glory fly by. I can see this as a good independent film, actually — it’s certainly got more heart than a lot of romantic comedies out there.”
—Rich Lovatt, Comic by Comic

“There is a real life story arc to this mad dashery of a con story… [Kuhn] goes beyond the obsessive behavior and nerd snootiness of Julie’s character to the heart of her geekdom and celebrates it, and it left me smiling.”
—Autumn Robertson, GeekSix