The Bin – 4/30/10

The Bin – 4/30/10

Apr 30

It’s that time again — time to cram every bit of awesome and sort-of-awesome and maybe-not-as-awesome-but-shit-we-need-to-fill-up-some-space from the past week into one tidy little feature. We call it…The Bin!

This week there’s a bit of a twist – Saturday, May 1st is Free Comic Book Day! Yay!

Stuff We Like this Week

Chris: Archaia Entertainment is making a big splash, starting with this year’s Free Comic Book Day, launching their new Fraggle Rock comic series, as well as offering a Fraggle Rock / Mouse Guard flip-book as a FCBD freebie. They were kind enough to share some samples – click for full sized.



I am looking forward to the Fraggles. I’m not really looking to collect or even read them, but I bought the first season on DVD for my niece and she loves them, so the prospect of buying her affection with them, while laying the groundwork for being the cool uncle in the future, appeals to me greatly.

It will be a bittersweet FCBD though – Elfsar Collectibles, my comic shop for the last 7 years, is closing up. The landlord, favouring the space for more than double the rent, has pushed the shop out, and the owner has no heart to set up a real-world store again. So… the plan is to make this FCBD the best anywhere.

Also, in my spare time, I’ve been working my way through the two series of Survivors, from the BBC. You really should check it out, if you can.

Matt: Aww, too bad about your shop, Chris…the world needs as many good comic shops as it can get.

I’m gonna take my kid to get her face painted at Acme Superstore and their FCBD celebration. I’m gonna try to resist the allure of their big back issue sale and the urge to go to seven stores just to get all the FCBD books. Can’t they make at least SOME of them digital already?

The stuff I like this week is something I just remembered about an hour ago, thanks to Sarah on Twitter: The classic Marvel cartoon theme songs from the sixties. Thor and Iron Man? DEATHLESS COMPOSITIONS.

Link Stew

Chiquita Bananas has some AMAZING new stickers.

Smartphone AND comic book humour! Alex Ross should be proud.

Chris got to play with an iPad – the results are baffling.

Matt wants one of these so badly, it hurts.

A big Alert Nerd congrats to Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction on the birth of their second child, Ms. Tallulah Louise!

An AWESOME super slow-mo clip from the Apollo 11 launch in 1969.


I didn’t think Ugly Americans was going to be funny. But I thought the same thing about Venture Bros., Metalocalypse, and Joey… and I was right about Joey, but totally wrong about the others, so why would I be right about Ugly Americans?

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