Alert Nerdian: Playing Catch-Up

Alert Nerdian: Playing Catch-Up

Jun 18

Download: Alert Nerdian broadside PDF – April 2008
Download: Alert Nerdian broadside PNG – April 2008
Download: Alert Nerdian broadside GIF – April 2008

So basically, Alert Nerd came down with the plague for a few months. Well…the third of Alert Nerd that has mad design skills did, anyway. Thus, we’re behind on our Alert Nerdians. We are determined, however, to continue our experimentation with this Warren Ellis brainchild and publish a bushel of broadsides at year’s end. So we are now playing catch-up. Here’s April!

Now that con season is in full swing, feel free to wallpaper the giveaway table with these at your local geek gathering. It’s up to you! More Alert Nerdians coming shortly!

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