You go, George Lucas! Kill that fandom!

You go, George Lucas! Kill that fandom!

Apr 07

It looks like George Lucas is finally getting around to a lawsuit aimed at stomping out the common practice of purchasing screen-accurate plastic Stormtrooper costumes and then parading around conventions like you own the place and you’re some kind of costume genius because you had an extra couple grand burning a hole in your pocket.

(I kid, I kid. I love those 501st guys. Except the ones who are absolute pricks. I hate them.)

On the other hand…why, George? Why not just put out your own version, one that’s better and has the Lucasfilm marketing machine behind it, and bury the guy through old-fashioned free market capitalism? Instead, you file lawsuits and chase them across the ocean to make sure you get your way.

Why you gotta be like that, Lucas?!



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