Wil Wheaton props, 2K8

Wil Wheaton props, 2K8

Mar 31

Every year or so, I reconnect with Wil Wheaton. He doesn’t know it, and no I’m not stalking him. It’s an internet thing – every year or so, I find my way back into his webbical sphere of influence; reading his blog, or an article he wrote.

And every time, I’m impressed by the guy. As much as I was unappreciative of Wesley, the character, I never had any gripes about the guy playing him. As a matter of fact, when his banquet cameo got dropped in the last (second last?) film, I was mad on his behalf. Guy graduates from jumpers to fleet dress finally, and they crop him out. That’s bullshit.

And this, in spite of the fact that he is one of the few Star Trek actors that actively enjoys his part in the Star Trek universe. Anyhow, I’m getting side tracked. What sparked this nod to Wil is his run of Star Trek episode reviews at AOL Television’s TV Squad. Not only are they in-depth, and strangely fair, with a nice touch of behind-the-scenes, but he’s funny. Fucking funny.

After a brief encounter with soon-to-be ex-Chief Engineer Argyle, Dr. Crusher promises Data that she’ll keep the existence of his mysterious off switch to herself. Data asks her if she would want people to know about her off switch, if she had one. She laughs, and nervously glances at a bottle of Jaegermeister in her office.

Reading his reviews is like attending VulCon 1, where the highlight of the newly minted convention cash-cow for the town of Vulcan, Alberta, was sitting around with Trek author Diane Carey, practically one-on-one, as she griped about the TV writers (high points: having saved the publisher’s ass by turning in a Trek book early, they give her the “easy” job of turning the Descent season finale/starter into a novel. Only she finds that the TV writers have invented meta-phasic shielding as a total Deus Trek Machina, and now she has to explain how the hell it works or face the wrath of the fanboys. Also, in naval terms, Data’s cat should be left in charge before the Doctor.)

I can listen to that kind of stuff for hours. Or read about it, as the case may be.

So, it’s time for you to reconnect with with Wil, perhaps. Tell him I said, “hi”. He never returns my calls.

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