Little Linky Lupe Lu

Little Linky Lupe Lu

Mar 31

A couple great bloggers come out swinging with posts that tell it like it T-I T-I IS*:

Tom Spurgeon on the Superman/Siegel legal decision

David Uzumeri on “fandom, readership, and snark” (in other words, if you hate it so much, why you all postin’ about it and shit?)

*Apologies for the random reference to the B-52s album Good Stuff.


  1. I don’t mean to criticize – thanks for the link! – but “if you hate it so much, why you all postin’ about it and shit” really isn’t the crux of what I’m getting to. I have absolutely no problem with people who read a comic, dislike it, and blog about it. I do it, everyone does it, that’s the nature of criticism. But I’m getting really fucking sick and tired of 70-post threads largely by people who read two pages of the issue on scans_daily and decided this gave them a snark license. Making fun of bad comics is good. Making fun of comics you haven’t read because you assume they’re bad because, hey, it’s just comics! is retarded.

  2. Chris

    Ah, yes. I get what you mean.

    I sympathize and agree. Unfortunately, it’s the nature of the Internet. Be it games, movies, toys, comics, politics, anything… the magic box isn’t there to help inform or discuss, it’s there to give everyone a larger audience to talk at.

    As jet planes are to the flu, the Interweb is to stupid people – and it’s a toss up which will kill us all first.

    Why am I typing this here? I should add it on your site.

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