A Dump of Some Comics Links

A Dump of Some Comics Links

Feb 28

Heidi MacDonald has a great post up dissecting Dave Sim.

Via io9 (cause I can’t open the original link at work due to dang Websense blockage), the secret inspiration for some of comics’ latest masterworks.

So it looks like Diamond is getting into the remaindered book selling biz. I point this out only because I dream of the day when I can walk into a Barnes & Noble and find decent trades for dirt cheap alongside the bestsellers from six months ago.

Funnybook Babylon and David Uzumeri have part three in their excellent series dissecting Grant Morrison’s work and applying it to the DC universe at large. That’s probably a shitty description, but it’s a freaking great series. Must read.

(Deep dark confession: I’ve never read Cerberus OR Bone.)

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  1. Wow, really excellent analysis of Dave Sim. Heidi rocks it, as usual. Gail Simone’s comments are pretty kickass as well.

    I confess: I heard about Sim’s “worldviews” before I heard about Cerebus, which pretty much just made me never want to read Cerebus. Certainly, there are some great arguments for separating the artist from the art (a lot of discussion on that in the PW comments), but this is one case where I have never cared to do so. Maybe that will change someday.

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