By the Power of Sophisticated Computer Graphics!

By the Power of Sophisticated Computer Graphics!

Oct 29

Get this while it’s hot (or rather, while it’s still available online):

A pretty rad Masters of the Universe animatic/fake trailer/test reel.

I found it via Rich Johnston. has this from creator Kaare Andrews on the clip:

“This is a kind of conceptual piece for a live action film. This is a new technology I call Go-Cons or ‘animated conceptual paintings’ and represents the tone and scope of the world, not the actual end product. It was pulled together in a little over a week with a small (but talented) team. Just imagine this as an epic live action feature with a budget and full team.”

I hope the guy gets something going–even a direct-to-video feature. That Skeletor animation, for just a week of work…that is too cool.

I just have one question:



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