Second-Hand San Diego: Comic-Con 07

Second-Hand San Diego: Comic-Con 07

Jul 30

I wasn’t at Comic-Con, but I spent large chunks of my weekend internet time reading stories about news and information that flowed from Comic-Con like so much sweet, sweet nerd honey.

Here’s the stories that made me tingle. In no particular order of tinglyness.

Jeff Smith’s RASL

Dark Horse does Indiana Jones comics

Jon Favreau and Iron Man: VEGAS BABY

Guggenheim Goes Exclusive @ Marvel

New Hulk

Whedon raises 60K for Equality Now

Mark Waid becomes new Boom! Comics Editor in Chief

Ripper movie for BBC: Highly possible

Warren Ellis to write Astonishing X-Men

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  1. Chris

    I demand this post be titled “Second Handiego Comic-Con 07”

    Can’t talk too much – the Iron Man trailer has my attention.

    And It was interesting to read Ellis completely backhanding Whedon’s return to “the bondage outfits.” Gah, that guy drives me nuts sometimes. Not enough to not buy his books, but still…

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