Dallas, TX: Great Comics City

Dallas, TX: Great Comics City

May 22

I’m in Dallas for a business trip, and my buddy Bryan and I are making time to visit any and all comics emporiums here in the Lone Star State, within driving distance of our hotel.

May I just say that this city has some FINE shops? In addition to a full chain of Half-Price Books stores, which have (that’s right) half-price books, including current and older trade paperbacks.

This is a great city to be a comics fan. Not such a great place to be a Democrat, but whatever. I can’t have everything.


  1. Matt Sucks


  2. Chris

    That’s not true, Matt. Everybody knows different.

    Try and take pictures of the front and interior of the shops for IN, should we ever get it up and running.

  3. Matt

    Matt does suck!

    Oh, shit. I’M ACTUALLY MATT.

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