Oh shit! I'm totally fucked!

Oh shit! I'm totally fucked!

Feb 27

So, Cory has a new comic he’d like to share. Rather, his comic shop recommended it to him and now he’s recommending it to all of us. DMZ, by Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli – I’m very happy my buying them in singles helped so Cory could by it in TPB and declare it one of “a new kind of comic.”

But then I thought, “Holy shit! What if Cory reads an OLD kind of comic and likes it? Then he’ll tell everyone how much he likes it, and I’ll die of a heart attack!”


So please, for gods sake, don’t anyone tell Cory about all the Starman trades out there – or The Shade mini-series that went with it. Or the JSA: The Liberty File. Has he read Marvels, or Kingdom Come, does anyone know? Maybe I’ll be ok.

But, if he ever discovers Astro City, I’m a goner. Matt, Sarah, if that happens… I love you guys, and you can have my trade paperback collection.

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