Some Thoughts Thought Whilst Watching Ghost Rider

Some Thoughts Thought Whilst Watching Ghost Rider

Feb 23

Nic Cage is now officially your moderately embarrassing dad who thinks he’s still cool.

If you are the Movie Protagonist and Sam Elliott shows up in your Movie? You are fucked. Same thing with Peter Stormare, Peter Sarsgaard and Fionnula Flanagan. Seriously, if Fionnula Flanagan wants to give you some maybe-kindly, maybe-sinister advice? So fucked. Run in the opposite direction, Movie Protagonist!

Young Nic Cage looks so not like Nic Cage that it is kind of hilarious. As is much of the movie.

What a waste of Donal Logue.

Eva Mendes is pretty and would still make a great She-Hulk.

What the hell with Wes Bentley? Wasn’t he the hot new thing for a while? Didn’t it look like he was angling to be Poor Man’s Tobey Maguire? What happened?

Movie Ghost Rider is basically Radiskull. One by one! Just for fun!

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