Cute Overload

Cute Overload

Jan 25

Apologies for my recent absence in the world of Alert Nerds. I was struck down by the fiendish Los Angeles Death Cold in early January and was then shipped off to the fucking freezing climes of Sundance. I spotted the totally awesome Paul Rudd in Park City, by the way, which made my year a little. He is short, but still oozing with awesomeosity.

Anyway. I’ve been thinking about we geeks’ endless need to collect things and how this can become a bit of a problem. It must be said that I have learned to control myself — I no longer buy every single shiny action figure that catches my eye and I recently went through a major Stuff Purge. I am now trying rather desperately to not buy new toys, unless it’s something that’s totally made for me, like those Galactica block figures. But every so often, an item comes along that tests my iron resolve, and right now, that item is Lea Hernandez‘s homemade Cactus Bunny, Prickle. I looooove that Lea has finally made Prickle, her alter-ego, into a stuffie. And seriously, LOOK HOW CUTE.

But I already have four Ugly Dolls and a pink Gloomy Bear and a Catbus and Stitch and…and… Can I really justify another stuffed animal purchase? SIGH.


  1. Fiona

    This is probably a weird place to respond, but I wanted to thank you for your recommendation of Pan’s Labyrinth, and I didn’t know where else to put it. It really is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, and I might not have even noticed it if not for Stephen King’s recommendation into the back of Entertainment Weekly, and yours here at Alert Nerd.

    Also? I feel your pain on the too-many-nerd-toys thing. I’m trying to resist buying that recently released (or at least, recently noticed by me) diecast Galactica figurine, but it’s not working. 🙁 Being a nerd is freaking expensive!

  2. I think the real question is…how can you NOT justify this?! You are a NERD! It must be purchased.

  3. Lea

    You can resist.
    The question is–DO YOU WANT TO?


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