Galactica on the Big Screen

Galactica on the Big Screen

Dec 18

I was terribly excited to be able to partake of this last week. Really, every episode of Galactica should be viewed with a crowd of fellow fans. Everything from the giggles at Starbuck high horsedly referring to her marriage a “sacrament” to the screams of anguish at that especially cliffhangy cliffhanger was awesome.

I got there about an hour and a half before start time and the line already stretched around the Westside Pavilion’s bountiful food court. The line itself was quite the par-tay. I made friends with the guy standing next to me (very important when you need to leave said line for food or bathroom breaks) and totally ran into my old pal Paul and his pal Adam. Husband Jeff arrived eventually, so we had quite the contingent once the thing was set to start. At some point, a bunch of the BSG writers greeted us line-dwellers and thanked us so much for coming! Really! They were not expecting this kind of turn-out! In fact, the turn-out was so great that TV Guide bought up a second showing. Our little gang was amongst the last let into the theater for showing #1, so we got the special, up-close, neck-spraining seats. But we didn’t care because how can one complain when a gigantic Lucy Lawless is tossing her beautifully-feathered hair in your direction?

After the eppy, we got a little Q&A with the writers. Folks onhand included Michael Taylor (who wrote some really fantastic eps of DS9, like this one and this one) and Jane Espenson (Buffy!!) and Mark Verheiden (who penned the actual BSG episode we watched). Everyone treated them like rock stars, which was awesome. A few nuggets: they said the ratings are “tanking,” so everyone needs to watch when BSG returns on Sunday nights (new timeslot) next month. They also said that if you’re mad after watching this mid-season finale, just wait ’til the actual season finale, boy howdy! And when someone asked if we’ll be seeing any of the final five Cylon models, they actually got into a huddle, broke, and said…yes.

Here’s my review of the episode, by the way.

Also, random sidenote: after the screening, I asked Husband Jeff who he would deem as the “hottest” person on the show. I had already prepared my answer (Lucy Lawless!) and was quite excited when he concurred. Xenalon all the way!

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