Serenity Now (Finally!)

Serenity Now (Finally!)

Dec 05

Can I ask y’all a question?

Y’all are my friends, right? And y’all don’t mind that I’m hittin’ y’all with lots of “y’all” cause I been watchin’ too much Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders on CMT, right, y’all?

Why didn’t y’all kick my ass and make me watch Serenity a long time ago?! Y’all, that movie’s awesome, y’all!

I’m a Whedonite, full tilt. And yet…and yet lately, when I stumble on Buffy or Angel on my cable box dial, I feel somehow distant from it. Like it’s a relic of my early twenties, like the dialogue feels too on-the-nose, like Whedon’s style isn’t really speaking to me as it once did.

Serenity…well, it SPOKE to me. It takes Whedon’s tropes and style and elevates it to a level that deserves to stand on its own alongside any of the great sci-fi films of the past year, the past decade, maybe further back, I dunno.

It’s not a movie you “may like if you like Buffy,” it’s just a GOOD fucking movie, y’all.


  1. Did you, you know, watch Firefly? Because, since you’re chastising us for not telling you to watch Serenity… YOU SHOULD WATCH FIREFLY!

    Like, right now.

  2. I watched SOME of Firefly. Which means I only partially suck.

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