In a World

In a World

Nov 28

Alright, Heroes. Ya got me. I am UNDER YOUR SPELL. I might even kind of love you. These past two eppys have been stellar. But can you do me one favor? Can you somehow lose the awful, bombastic voiceover guy on the promos? The one that sounds like a bargain basement version of the dude who does all the movie trailers?

Honestly, I think that guy epitomizes the overly-serious, condescending element that sometimes sneaks into the show and sort of put me off of it in the first place. Like, when the show first launched, he couldn’t shut up about all the “blogs” and advance hype it was getting. And now he’s like, “in a show known for its SURPRISE ENDINGS…”

Argh! Listen, Bargain Basement Announcer Man: We all KNOW the show has surprise endings! You do not need to TELL us what one of the series’ trademarks is. It makes it way less cool when you say it out loud like that. What if the promos for Buffy were like, “In a show known for its WELL-CRAFTED METAPHORS FOR TEENAGE ANGST…” Or the ones for Smallville said, “In a show where we RE-IMAGINE THE EARLY YEARS OF SUPERMAN AND THERE IS LOTS OF HOMOEROTIC TENSION…”

Gah. We are not dumb, OK?

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