Be Honest.

Be Honest.

Nov 26

We’re a couple weeks behind on our Battlestar Galactica, so I just now watched “Torn,” the one where Baltar goes to the virus-infested Cylon ship and Starbuck and Tigh drink themselves into bitchiness on board Galactica.

Am I the only one who half-thought, and half-HOPED, they were setting us up for ol’ Tigh and Starbuck to knock some boots? I’m almost ashamed to say it, but I really really wanted that to happen.

I’m almost ashamed because thoughts of such things are wrong and sinful, according to our Parent God Xenu. Also, Tigh’s wrinkly ass never needs to enter my brain. Ever.


  1. I got you beat – I’m behind on the ENTIRE season thus far. So, I saw the first line of your post and my brain immeadiately started going “lalalalalalalalalalalalaICAN’THEARYOOOOOO!”
    I’m hoping to catch up soon, then I’ll come back.

  2. Oh, God…er, Xenu. My eyes bleed just thinking about this.

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