Welcome to the New Alert Nerd!

Welcome to the New Alert Nerd!

Oct 04

Dear Readers,
You may have noticed that things are a little different around here. Or…well, okay, a lot different. We’ve got a shiny new look and a shiny new focus and we hope you’ll join us for the ride (which is shiny! And new!). Details below (and archived forever on our About Page).

Matt, Sarah, Jeff, and Chris

What is Alert Nerd?
Alert Nerd is a collective of writers and artists examining geek culture and personal experience through fiction, creative nonfiction, and other media.

What was Alert Nerd?
For more than four years, Alert Nerd was a blog that spat hundreds of thousands of words into the ether on all kinds of geeky stuff. From it grew Grok, a PDF zine that contains much of the same kind of material that makes up Alert Nerd now—fiction, comedy, memoir, long-form essays, and the like—as well as Alert Nerd Press, a boutique (we’re so vain) publishing house presenting books for geeks, by geeks, and about geeks and the stuff they love.

Inspired by Grok and the desire to pursue more creative projects together and apart, Alert Nerd the ranty blog became Alert Nerd the creative blog. The end!

What amazingness can I expect from Alert Nerd this week?
On Wednesday, Matt launches his serialized novel, Retcon Punch. And on Friday, look for Part I of Sarah’s One Con Glory mini-sequel “With Violet Light,” featuring some pretty swell extras (oooh!).

Can I contribute to Alert Nerd?

While Alert Nerd has an editorial team made up of its primary contributors and the founders of the old-school Alert Nerd blog, we encourage contributions from anyone interested in sharing their work, within these categories:

  • Short fiction
  • First-person essays
  • Long-form criticism and analysis
  • Humor/satire
  • Comics
  • Poetry, spoken word, music, videos, whatevs

Pitch your ideas to us at submit@alertnerd.com! Writers retain full ownership of their work; all we ask is a seven-day exclusive window before you post material on your own site (in the case of material that has not previously appeared in another outlet). We also may invite you to contribute work to upcoming publications from Alert Nerd Press but participation is optional and you will be asked for permission before your work is included.

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