Extra! Extra! Alert Nerdian for May-June '08!

Extra! Extra! Alert Nerdian for May-June '08!

Sep 25

Download: Alert Nerdian broadside PDF – May-June 2008
Download: Alert Nerdian broadside PNG – May-June 2008
Download: Alert Nerdian broadside GIF – May-June 2008

Like Sargent Rock, we refuse to go down! But, there will be much whining – it will sound a lot like, “Maaan, these broadsides are haaard.” They are not, in fact, hard, but they do take some amount of time and time has been tight of late – but they’re still here! We can take no credit for the concept – this is Warren Ellis’ brainchild and if his madness and alcohol consumption (it’s not slander if someone Twitters about it all the time, is it?) doesn’t interfere with his prolific production of prose, then py polly pe’ll peep paking these proadsides. Sleep be damned.

Nonsense alliteration is awesome.

Here is the fifth issue of the Alert Nerdian broadside, representing May and June of 2008. Expect another for July and August, and then we’ll be back to singles (and a Halloween issue! Fun!) As always, we encourage you to print a copy or two (or ten) out and share with the world. Leave them in the pooper or someplace equally cool. It’s up to you!

The plan will be to formally publish a year’s bushel of broadsides along with our upcoming Alert Nerd quarterly ‘zine – which is looking for clever people, it should be said.

Until next month… LOOK OUT! NERDS!


  1. nice…anyone attending the Baltimore con this weekend, these are the ideal item to print out and leave randomly on tables, chairs, bits of empty floor, etc…

  2. Look for a giant pile outside Bendis Vs. Kirkman on Saturday. That’s called strategic placement.

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