This is Comic-Con

This is Comic-Con

Jul 29

So…Comic-Con. I don’t even know how to describe it. A whirling mass of insanity? Of awesome? Of…something like that? Let’s re-live some Vaseline-lensed highlights.

The Geek Girls Exist Panel: For this, I was honored to be included in the company of nerd luminaries Jill Pantozzi, Bonnie Burton, Kiala Kazebee, Morgan Romine, Kari Byron, Veronica Belmont, and Marian Call. (Geek Girls Network’s Kristin Rielly and the inimitable Geek Girl Diva served as panel masterminds.) The discussion was funny and freewheeling and dorky and included mentions of Princess Leia, Supergirl, Phoenix, Jane Espenson, Felicia Day, and tons of others I am totally forgetting. But I think maybe my favorite moment was when I sat down next to Jill and she mouthed “yay!” and then nodded toward the packed-to-capacity room and gave me this look that seemed to say, “Can you even believe this?!” That kind of sums it up, you know? I loved every second and have such big, puffy hearts for all of my fellow panelists.

By the way, this was what the line looked like when I showed up.

Me: “What.”

Sleep-Deprived Meals With Awesome People: It’s tough to socialize when you’re actually in the heaving human mass that is the con. Happily, I managed to grab a few food-like meals with all kinds of amazing folks and was semi-coherent throughout most of them! I debated samosa quality with Jeff Lester over Indian buffet. I chattered about romance novels and Gossip Girl and book spoilerz during lunch with Karen Healey. I zombie-ed out with Graeme McMillan, Lauren Davis, and David Brothers over a way-too-early breakfast (at one point, the words “I will throw this tea in your face” were uttered, but it was all in good fun!). And I swapped novel pitches with Javier Grillo-Marxuach over a very questionable meal of ranch-drenched fried chicken, potato skins, and suspicious-looking vegetables at the rockin’ Geek Girls Tweet-Up. (Below: Karen and Javi, beautifying post-meal.)

Art and Words: Did you guys see…

The incredible Lydia Park drawn for me by charming Tracie Mauk?

The fierce Big Barda purchased from delightful Ming Doyle?

Gah! I can’t even.

I also got to say hello to and get a sketchcard from one of my heroes, Jen Van Meter, who totally bought one of my books!

Nick, My Wingman: Husband Jeff and I drove down with our friend Nick Brandt, screenwriter extraordinaire. Throughout the weekend, Nick would push me to actually introduce myself to people I was dying to meet. I’m shy and I chicken out a lot, for fear of exposing my true spaz colors to those I admire. But Nick would be like, “Shoot, go say hi to Kathryn Immonen. Do it. WHAT ARE YOU SO SCARED OF, CHICKEN.”

(Kathryn Immonen, by the way, was so, so nice and said something during her panel with Stuart about how she basically wants Patsy Walker to take over the entire Marvel U. I love this so hard.)

Warm Fuzzies: Speaking of nice people, I was consistently blown away by the kindness and coolness and extreme generosity of friends new and old. Like power couple Paul Horn and Darlene, who fed us and gave me Capri Suns when I started looking pale and conned out and scored me a much-coveted Polly Pocket DC Superheroes set. Or Chris Haley, who engaged in a furious round of texting with me in order to meet for five minutes on the crazed con floor. Or Josh Dysart, who gave me a “yay” and an enthusiastic fist-bump on my panel accomplishments. Or Ben and Andrea Walker, who provided excellent conversation and sold me an amazing t-shirt. Or Jodi of Tired Girl Collective, who talked to me for several full minutes, eve though I was obviously zonked. People just kept blowing me away with their awesomeness. (Below: Chris surveys a battle-damaged Let’s Be Friends Again book, the victim of an unfortunate incident involving my purse, a glass of red wine, and a TOTAL JERKY-JERK WHO DID NOT APOLOGIZE.)

“Do You Know Everyone Here?” In addition to hastily-planned meetings with people, there were lots of excellent accidental run-ins: Les Villainettes and Amy and Regina and Melissa and Molly, all super-fly at the Geek Girls Tweet-Up; cheerful Dan Slott, who attended the Geek Girls Exist panel despite being a boy; Sven, Veronica and David, who were like “HEY IT IS YOU” at the Hilton bar; Hollywood power couple Bob and Jen, who had me pose with Jen’s poor, bandaged, googly-eyed finger… At some point, Jeff was like, “Do you know everyone here?!” Maybe I do. Maybe I do.

JustJEFF Designs: Okay, so Husband Jeff actually kind of hates conventions. Okay, not kind of — really HATES them. The crowds and the lines and etc etc etc are very much not for him. But he found his calling when our pal JustJENN let him sit in her booth for a while and sell stuff. And he apparently sold a ton of stuff! I teased him about this later and he was all, “I like having a job.” Pal Kevin Church (who was there with the amazing Lydia book, which you should all buy immediately) suggested Jeff simply cross out a few letters on Jenn’s logo…and thus JustJEFF Designs was born.

Middlefan-ing: Y’all know that The Middleman is one of my favorite things ever. (Maybe some of you even remember that time I chased Mary Pat Gleason through a movie theater? No? Okay, moving on…) So it was a very great honor to meet both the aforementioned Javi and Natalie “Wendy Watson” Morales in person. Two things of note: 1) Javi apparently liked my book 2) Natalie has red glasses. Like certain other cool people I know. Who are me.

I have surely forgotten to mention some of the amazing folks I met, so apologies in advance. But despite my extreme level of brain deadness, I’m already stoked for next year. Who’s in?


  1. I’m so sad that I missed your panel. I’ve been looking on YouTube for video of it.

    I hope you and JustJeff make it out again next year. You know he always has a standing position behind one of the small press tables.

  2. Nicholas Brandt

    I’m just glad someone let me be their wingman. Jessica insists that she’s a better wingman than I am. I imagine were you to go out with the both of us, you’d run Hollywood by the end of the night. Please have a cool writing job for me when you do.


  3. Matt

    Great post. I wanna go! Waaaaugh!

    …and some of us may not remember the Mary Pat Gleason Incident, but I guarantee you, Mary Pat Gleason does.

  4. Totally wish I could have been there. Kinda. Maybe. Just for your panel. I’m actually more like Jeff in the sense that it’s easier to be at a gigantor event like that if I have a purpose other than milling around. Someday I’ll go, but hopefully it’ll be after Rob and I produce this graphic novel that we keep threatening to collaborate on. (‘Course I have to write said GN first…)

    Anyway, thanks for the tour!

  5. Jeff

    If I go next year, we are totally do an Agents of Atlas cosplay thing. I’m just saying.

  6. If you missed the Geek Girls Exist Panel and still want to hear it, I recorded it and put it online. It, along with other panels can be found at:


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