TV Season in Full Swing — Hurrah!

TV Season in Full Swing — Hurrah!

Sep 29

Did anyone else watch the first two episodes of Jericho? Jury’s still out, I think. It is spread with a thin layer of gooey cheese-like product that I am not necessarily opposed to but that I also wasn’t quite expecting. You know?

One thing that cracks me up completely is that they seem to have borrowed their “heightened danger” music from, I don’t know, Walker, Texas Ranger? Whenever The Skeet is in a particularly sticky situation, the guitars start screeching with wild, blow ’em up good-style abandon. It is awesome to behold. But also kind of distracting. You see how I’m conflicted?

For my money, though, I am going to give the Best Sci-Fi Twist on a New Show Award to Ugly Betty. The ending of the first episode revealed that the supposedly dead former editor of the series’ fictitious fashion rag is actually…being kept alive by Botoxy Vanessa Williams?! In some sort of…underground fortress?!? All swathed in bandages and such?! I don’t know. It was pretty much awesome and not expected and I loved it.


  1. There’s a lot to love in “Jericho,” and yet it isn’t quite there yet, is it?

    But Betty, my lovely Betty. It’s so melodramatic, so telenovela…which it is. Former editor out for revenge against the publisher _ and his son. But at the heart of it all is Betty. What’s not to love about Betty?

  2. Matt

    I found myself drawn in by the Ugly Betty rerun on Soapnet saturday afternoon, but I had to stop myself–we all need to draw the line somewhere, and with a boatload of returning shows and at least two new ones looking like season committments for me, I just can’t find the time.

    so ugly betty gets rejected…yet again.

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