The Bin–2/26/10

The Bin–2/26/10

Feb 26


Back in the day, we used to just like stuff every week. We still like stuff, but now we mix in links, videos and other random claptrap. We call it the Bin, and it will steal your heart away.

Stuff We Like This Week

Matt: So as a follow-up to my true geek confession, I decided to check out the graphic novel section at the fine Orlando Public Library. Guess what? They have all FOUR volumes of Absolute Sandman. $400 worth of fine comics in a beautiful format, all mine to read for nothing. (Except the stupid fines I’m going to have to stupid pay because I can’t stupid return a stupid book on stupid time. Stupid!)

I’m wrapping up the first volume now, so the first twenty issues, or 2-3 trades’ worth of story. I always knew it started out in a more “conventional” way compared to the stories that would come later, but I’m surprised at how much I actually enjoyed the early issues, and how I’m already finding the esoteric stuff to be…well, a bit too esoteric for me? Wanky, in that “oh I’m so twee and mopey and British” way that Gaiman has perfected to a science? It’s not that I don’t realize the impact this series had (although I wonder if it wasn’t really more of an evolution/refinement of the groundbreaking work Alan Moore accomplished on his Swamp Thing run) or that I don’t appreciate the artistry and craft. At the end of the day, I’m just not sure if Sandman‘s for me; time will tell, I suppose, since I’ve still got sixty-odd issues to read. I’ll still finish it, though, especially since (oh did I mention) it’s totally FREE to me.

Sarah: I was doing a search on Amazon for…I don’t remember what. Probably bedazzled D&D dice or something. Anyway, said search took me to this page. Gasp! Kira in the season 7 Starfleet outfit! A very nice-looking sculpt! A big gun! I want it! I don’t lust after toys nearly as much as I used to (unless they’re of the mini/MightyMugg/superdeformed variety), but this one made me gasp with longing. She just looks so ready to kick some ass. I posted on Twitter and it set off a terrific exchange about various action figures — I believe Twyst, Rich and I concluded that David Gallaher needs to custom-build a Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends living room playset, complete with birdbath escape route and couches that transform into giant, 80s-style computers. (Oh, and I want a special edition Bonnie figure, complete with bitchtastic “YOU’RE NOT A CHEERLEADER ANYMORE” powers.)

Jeff: I’m digging out here in the northeast after a second major storm hit us this month.  There’s over a foot of snow on the ground and the mall is closed.  To celebrate, I think I’m going to crack a beer and kick back with the Nazi zombie flick Dead Snow on Netflix Watch Instantly.  And play more of Mass Effect 2, which has a desperate grip on my attention.

Link Stew

Our pal Pj Perez is stirring up some good buzz for his anthology series Omega Comics Presents. His webcomic The Utopian is also quite excellent. Buy, read, etc. (You might also notice a couple of suspicious characters in panel #1 of this week’s edition. Look familiar?)

Lovely Jill Pantozzi reviewed One Con Glory on Heartless Doll. And managed to work in a reference to “Klingon mating rituals.”

Hulu has a channel now devoted to The Criterion Collection…and seven Criterion films available for viewing that aren’t even in the channel. We wish we had clones to just watch movies.

Comics Alliance posted an amazing preview of Girl Comics, featuring Colleen Coover, G. Willow Wilson and Ming Doyle. Love!

Our friends over at Fantastic Fangirls announced their exciting new Comic Book Club.

Tom Spurgeon’s “21 Things I Like About Doctor Strange” is spectacular nerditry, and a fitting tribute to the ten-year blogging anniversary of Neilalien.

Sven Straatveit is trying to kick off a postcard campaign to motivate DC to do a Legion Flight Ring promotion akin to the Lantern and Flash promos.


Crazy video of a 1975 Star Trek convention! (via Trek Today)

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