They Could Be Heroes…

They Could Be Heroes…

Sep 27

…just for one season. Or ten. Who knows.

Watched the first episode rerun last night of this new X-Men meets Lost series (even though I saw Ali Larter talking about how it’s NOT The X-Men on some NBC local news promo shill over the weekend, she’s WRONG, shocker) and it was not at all bad.

The dialogue is frequently too “on the nose,” just a bit too easy. It felt somehow comic-booky, like I’d totally buy the occasional bit of heavy handed exposition if it were written instead of spoken.

But otherwise, I’m intrigued. The characters are an interesting mix, the direction and editing created some very cool/spooky moments (especially when Larter’s character wakes up after killing those dudes–WHOA) and since there’s at least one comic book writer on board (Jeph Loeb), I think they’ll keep the revelations coming fast and furious, unlike another show that Mr. Loeb used to work for that takes place on a desert island.

No, not FANTASY Island. Idiot.

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