True Geek Confessions: The Master List

True Geek Confessions: The Master List

Feb 17


Unpopular opinions: we can haz them. Sometimes you stand alone in loving a super niche-y run of a popular comic book series. Sometimes you’re the only person on the entire planet to ’ship a certain ’ship. Sometimes you simply Do Not Get a movie the rest of your geeky brethren is falling all over themselves about. And because a lot of fandom is about sharing loves and hates and communing with your fellow geeks, this can feel awfully lonely.

That’s why we decided to challenge a bunch of nerdbloggers to spill their darkest secrets, their True Geek Confessions, for all the internet to see. Perhaps if we all confess together…well, we’ll feel just a little bit better.

This post will serve as a master list of all the True Geek Confessions posts appearing across the web — check back, as it will be updated throughout the day. And if you have a link to share, email sarah AT alertnerd DOT com.

True Geek Confessions:

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Fantastic Fangirls: Q&A #59: Alert Nerd’s True Geek Confessions
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Pop Bunker: Confessions of a Pop Culture Baroness
Tall Tales of the Terrific: True Geek Confession!
Breakfast at Ulysses: True Geek Confessions!!!
Gossamer Obsessions: My True Geek Confession
The Squees of a Geek Girl Diva: True Geek Confession
Babbling About Books, And More: My True Geek Confession
Robotic Wonderland: I LIKE BATMAN AND ROBIN, OKAY? (don’t judge me)
Phoning It In: True Geek Confession: Lois & Clark
Pop Bunker: Confessions of a Drunkard
Pop Bunker: Confessions of a Pop Culture Caveman
Pop Bunker: The Bluesman Confesseth
Pop Bunker: Confessions of the Slickest Man You Will Ever Know


  1. These rock. Thanks for putting them together. 😀

  2. Id love to know about the next one of these, my geekblog is new, but this is the kind of internetworking i’m looking to get in on. Shoot me an e!


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