Lost 6.3, “What Kate Does”

Lost 6.3, “What Kate Does”

Feb 10

I’ve seen a fair bit of “worst.episode.ever” style commentary on last night’s Lost, but most of the other far superior reviewers and commentators than I seem to fall more in the mediocre-to-good camp.

I’m somewhat between THOSE two camps, leaning toward bad-to-mediocre, with a full understanding that perhaps my problems with “What Kate Does” are more my problems than the show’s problems, and perhaps I need some TV therapy or something.



(All I ask is for ONE good oblique Jay Leno reference in honor of Daniel “Dr. Arzt” Roebuck before the season ends. PLEASE.)

“What Kate Does” featured a parallel storyline in which Kate kidnaps a cabbie and ends up ferrying Claire across the greater Los Angeles area, which was only mildly interesting as moving forward that universe, but didn’t really illuminate much of anything in terms of their characters or personalities, or the reason we’re watching an alternate universe in the first place. This in contrast to last week’s alternate stories, in which Jack and Locke develop a far different relationship than the one they’ve had on the island, one which does offer different views of their personalities.

But that’s not what really stuck in my craw about “What Kate Does.” No, what bothered me most were the many prime examples of what is easily the most infuriating aspect of following Lost‘s ongoing mysteries: The active suspension of character curiosity.

These Others, the creepy ones who take in Jack & co. and resurrect Sayid? Man, they’re weird. They’re interesting. They’re piles of questions hanging out there in the void waiting for answers. And if I’m Jack Shepard or Kate Austen or even James Sawyer, especially after what they’ve been through with all the people who’ve messed around with them over the years, I would HAVE TO KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON.

Instead, they exhibit some curiosity, and then they stand around and REACT. It reminded me of the time they were trapped in the jungle inside the circle of the Other Others, the ones led by Ben but at the time there was that weird bearded guy who pretended to be the leader?

They’re trapped in the jungle, negotiating with evil strangers, and instead of asking any questions whatsoever, they shuffle their feet and make bold pronouncements which they can’t in any way support.

Same thing here in the temple. They get really mad and pout and say all kinds of bold things, but no one gets frustrated enough to actually ask the EXTREMELY WEIRD ASIAN MAN WHO KNOWS ENGLISH BUT CHOOSES TO SPEAK IN CHINESE what is really going on. They could even ask the SLIMY WORM OF A DUDE WHO ACTS AS “TRANSLATOR” FOR THE EXTREMELY WEIRD ASIAN MAN, but no one says a word, or demands anything whatsoever.

I get that the “bad guys” have guns and are acting angry and that’s probably scary, but at what point do these people just get sick of being captured, beaten, tied up, pushed around, and messed with? When is enough enough?

Again, this could be more about ME and my need for answers and for that release of information that I know is coming and in some cases is long overdue. It just strains my own levels of credibility to watch Jack, Kate, et al sit around and express no intense curiosity or need for information, when all the audience WANTS is information. Let me talk to those people. I have a few good questions.

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