The Bin–1/22/10

The Bin–1/22/10

Jan 22


We used to just like stuff every week. Now we throw that in a blender with links, videos, and random claptrap and we call it…THE BIN. It stinks like garbage but it doesn’t taste half bad.

Stuff We Like This Week

Matt: I like that this week I finally read the first actual real-life comics I’ve read in what feels like months. It was a modest stack–the last two issues of The Mighty, and the old Morrison/Quitely GN Earth 2–but it was comics. When you have a newborn, it’s the little things.

Jeff: The new Aziz Ansari CD, Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening, has been making the rounds at my office, and it’s hilarious. Even more hilarious? Coworker Aaron trying to find Aziz’s cousin Harris on Facebook. “I wanna friend him!”

Something else I liked this week? Dark Wolverine. I’m surprised by how not a total joke this book is. It stars a totally unnecessary character and follows said star as he manipulates, stabs and sexually harasses the entire Marvel Universe and there is something glorious about it. Marjorie Liu is doing awesome work with Daken.

Chris: I first heard this track from La Roux while watching Misfits (which I mentioned last week) – sadly, it’s the only track on the album that I like, but it is a strong standalone song. So strong, it has survived 100+ forced viewings of the Bayonetta commercial that Canadian cable seems to play once EVERY FUCKING COMMERCIAL BREAK!

Link Stew

Holy Christ–Sega has released an emulator app for the iPhone built around in-app game purchases. Comes with a free game; Sonic and Golden Axe are among the initial game offerings. PLEASE, Nintendo, DO THIS NOW.

Holy Christ Again–Square Enix is putting out the original Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II in iPhone versions. PLEASE, Nintendo, GET ON THIS BANDWAGON.

David Brothers is nearing the top of the roller coaster hill that is his yearly Black History Month posts. They’re always an exceptional read.

Kalinara begins her noble mission of dissecting Jean and Scott’s sex life. It’s just as amazing as it sounds.

Speaking of Jean and Scott…

Max Huffman’s Mocktopus continues to be completely batshit awesome. Look at this strip and tell me I’m wrong.

Guess which video game Chris doesn’t want to play. Ever.


SHELDON FOR THE WIN! The lack of laughter is at once jarring and illuminating. The laugh track always seemed to be a crutch popular in North American sitcoms, but shows like The Office have proven that funny is funny, no prompting required.


“I found your assistant, and he’s dope.”

@mwachsmann: To me, the most unsettling thing about Avatar is wondering how many couples have incorporated the phrase “I see you” into their lovemaking.

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