Grok #5: Retcon

Grok #5: Retcon

Dec 16

So here we are: decking the halls, jingling the bells, fa-la-la-la-la-ing ourselves into a slightly manic frenzy of holiday cheer. But before we stuff our gaping maws full of festively-sculpted cheeseballs and fall into a massive lard coma, we’re giving you a little gift: a brand-new issue of Grok.


If you’ll recall, this is our PDF zine you can read on your computer screen or print out and tote wherever you desire. Within, you will find fiction, essays and other general hilarity dedicated to geek culture and the nerd experience, all centered around a delightful theme. This time ’round, we’re all about…Retcon.

Grok #5: Retcon (PDF)

In this issue…

Slimed in Klutziness, by Rob Bloom: Rob calls upon his all-powerful “spazzbrum” to recall — in hilariously excruciating detail — the time he got his entire family to try out for the greatest game show ever, Double Dare. Sliming, singing, screaming, and a whole mess of Nickelodeon-sponsored hijinks ensue.

Lunch of Two Worlds!, by Daniel R. Faust: Two of Earth’s greatest heroes convene over a cup of soup. But which “Earth” is it, exactly?!

My Epic Win, by Sarah Kuhn: Julie, Braidbeard, and the whole frakkin’ gang return in this holiday-themed mini-sequel to One Con Glory! Have they developed into socially mature, well-adjusted people who do not have stupid fights about things like All-Star Superman? (SPOILER ALERT: No.)
In honor of this little sequel and mushy-gushy romance-type things, we’re also giving away two copies of One Con Glory. Details here!

The Letter Home, by Matt Springer: What do you get when you mix disgruntled employees, social awkwardness, and a whole shitload of fried chicken? Nothing good, we’re betting.

Inside a Writers’ Room Attempting to Retcon My Life, by Ivan Sian: Ivan’s life is perfect. Sort of. Almost. Or it will be once network television’s finest hacks are done with it.

The Tale of the Gallant Sailor, Part II, by Matthew Walden: Embattled Navy officer Northrop Glitten returns…only to be haunted by ghosts both real and imagined.

Plus: Startling new storylines resulting from J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek retcon! Ten little-known Marvel universes! Shout-outs! Extensive corrections involving Magneto-based continuity! You will love every moment!



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