Five Last-Minute, Poorly-Researched SDCC 2009 Predictions

Five Last-Minute, Poorly-Researched SDCC 2009 Predictions

Jul 22


1. Avatar will be HUGE. This is perhaps not much of a prediction, as a monkey using a banana to type this post could anticipate this. I think we’ll see the first true public viewing of actual footage from the film, complete with 3D glasses. In fact, it will be so seismic that I would not be surprised if they replayed the footage on Sunday for a second panel, thereby creating their “big crazy event” for the day, which Sunday supposedly lacks at this point? That’s what I’ve read, anyway. Or what my computer has read to me; I’m functionally illiterate.


2. JMS will write Superman. Or maybe Wonder Woman. I seem to recall allusions in interviews to a big DC project coming from J. Michael Straczynski, and I also seem to recall he’s one of those big comics writers with a huge crush on the Man of Steel, so I wouldn’t be surprised if DC announced a big Superman project from JMS.

Of course, DC also seems to be building to some kind of big sloppy Superman event next year, which means it might be tough for JMS to wade into the continuity cesspool, since he seems averse to wasting his energy on such things. And why should he, when he’s got a perfectly fine career writing Oscar bait?

So maybe he’ll get his hands on Wonder Woman? It could use a higher profile at this point. And something clean, easy, and contemporary that Hollywood can understand.


3. We’ll get some kind of teaser for the Star Wars live action TV series. G4 is televising Saturday’s Star Wars panel from SDCC, an unprecedented move that seems like kind of a no-brainer; shit, why wouldn’t every studio want their panel televised if they’ve got something they’re confident about to show off? I predict this will be the next step toward the mainstreaming of Comic-Con that we all complain about.

Anyway, I’ll bet an Ewok pelt that not only will the Beflanneled One himself put in an appearance, but we’ll get a teaser trailer of some sort for the live-action Star Wars TV show. It may not incorporate footage from the actual series; it might just be a poster or a few photos, but it’ll make fanboys wet their pants anyhow.


4. Someone’s defecting to Marvel. You’ve probably noticed the “**ARTIST TO BE ANNOUNCED AT SDCC**” listings in Marvel’s October solicitations. Clearly they’ve got some new exclusive to reveal, and it’s got to be someone big, otherwise why bother waiting? I can’t think of who would be up for poaching from the Distinguished Competition and big enough to warrant such attention; Gary Frank? Ethan Van Sciver? George Perez?


5. A Muppet will attend Comic-Con. I think Gonzo’s gonna show up for the BOOM! Muppet Show comics panel. Just a gut feeling.

But what do YOU think? Any last-minute calls on the hijinks we’re all about to experience, some of us whilst sandwiched between unfamiliar bodies, and others from the comfort of their personal computing devices?


  1. Final season of Lost is coming up and they always have a great panel.
    Hopefully some (Pegg/Frost) Paul footage.I’m betting the alien look that gets revealed is all kinds of awesome.

  2. Matt

    forgot one more total Hail Mary prediction: Bono, the Edge, Spider-Man musical preview.

  3. I could absolutely get behind a JMS Wonder Woman. Nothing against Gail Simone — except the fact I don’t buy her comics, I guess. He’d do an interesting Superman, too, but I think you’re right that corner of the universe is pretty saturated now, and with big names.

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