Stuff We Like This Week: June 26 Edition

Stuff We Like This Week: June 26 Edition

Jun 26

In an effort to combat our occasional…okay, okay, near-constant negativity, we give you a regular feature full of nothing but love — Stuff We Like This Week. Appearing every Friday, SWLTW will recap the things that have set our little nerdly hearts aflame within the past seven days.

Sarah: The video above. I believe this should be broadcast in schools nationwide so that the inheritors of our world can soak up a very important lesson: this is How to Be Awesome. Not by copy-catting Lauren Conrad’s dedication to blousy jersey dresses and slack-jawed expressions of incredulity, not by becoming a pseudo-weblebrity by offering Megan Fox a single rose, not by actually being Megan Fox and gassing on about how you don’t get along with other ladies because they are all jealous of your mind-singeing gorgeousness. This. Be like Barrowman. That is all you need.

Jeff: Churros.  That’s right.  Potato dough that’s been squeezed out of a caulking gun, deep-fried and then covered liberally in cinnamon and sugar.  They are delicious.

Drunk Rock Band – Even though telling someone “Pick whatever songs you want” is a bad idea when you’re on vocals.

D&D – My group has added a few new players to the table after a tumultuous period of departures and lineup changes, and it feels good to sit around a full table and quibble over the esoterica of the rules.  Maybe next week I’ll kill them all (in game).

Matt: Jackie Brown. I had a long, hard history of buying DVDs with reckless abandon throughout much of my twenties; my late twenties and early thirties have been spent selling and swapping a bunch of crap. There were some DVDs, however, I knew I loved, but hadn’t even opened. Jackie Brown was one of them, and I slipped off the shrinkwrap last weekend to give it a look.

I was a big Tarantinohead in college; I saw Pulp Fiction at the theater 13 times. For that reason, it’s lost its impact; Jackie Brown, however, charmed me all over again. It finds Tarantino using fewer bold stylistic tricks and focusing more on character and dialogue, working from a novel by the great Elmore Leonard but bringing in his own ideas as well. The result is a rich, layered caper flick with this totally beautiful and unexpected romance in the middle of it–Jackie and Max Cherry, the bail bondsman who becomes so smitten with a down-on-her-luck money-laundering stewardess that he has to travel to the nearest Coconut Records and buy the Delfonics’ Greatest Hits. Pam Grier and Robert Forster are jaw-droppingly great in their roles; so subtle and smooth. Just as great (though not at all subtle or smooth) is Samuel L. Jackson, one of those actors who by now is easily taken for granted, but who has it in him to pull off an astounding performance when he’s motivated by more than a paycheck or a geek boner. Ordell Robbie is a dangerous man who talks too much, and Jackson fills him with tension. Great flick. I missed it.

Chris: I present to you, my Iron Man Art Statue, which I won on Free Comic Book Day. I’ve only recently had a chance to go pick him up and take him to the office.

I’d outlined my local FCBD event before – bring food for foodback, get free comics. If you want better free comic books, donate more. And each tier you donate to, you get a chance to enter a draw. And I won! I may not be the biggest Iron Man fan, but I’m a big fan of my super awesome light up statue, that’s for sure.

Jealous? I know you are.


  1. Matt

    wowser, chris, that is an AMAZING statue.

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