Stuff We Like This Week: May 8 Edition

Stuff We Like This Week: May 8 Edition

May 08


In an effort to combat our occasional…okay, okay, near-constant negativity, we give you a regular feature full of nothing but love — Stuff We Like This Week. Appearing every Friday, SWLTW will recap the things that have set our little nerdly hearts aflame within the past seven days.

Matt: As Jeff suggested via e-mail this morning, we could all just write “TREK” and be done with this. I’ll get a little more specific (and if you follow me via Twitter, you already know what I’m going to say, probably): The Star Trek promo glasses from Burger King.


They’ve got a bunch of “superdeformed” toys in the kids meals, which is neat but they don’t really set my phaser to stun. No, these glasses are totally aimed at people like me–nerds who remember collecting all of the classic movie promo glasses from McDonald’s, Burger King, and other fast food chains throughout our youths. Great artwork, nice design, and they’re made from GLASS. Real GLASS. I remember a few of these from recent years that were some kind of shitty plastic, but not these. All they’re missing is the cheesy paragraph of plot synopsis on the back; otherwise, they’re perfect.

Jeff: Trek. As anybody watching my Twitter feed last night can attest, I was really floored by the movie and can’t wait to see it a second time. The movie does everything that you expect the movie to do, but then keeps going in a way that is surprising and reinvigorating. See it.

The other thing I like this week is The Court of The Air by Stephen Hunt. io9 calls the book ‘steampunk’, but for once, I think the implied ideology actually matches the subject matter. It’s a very readable, very imaginative Dickensian fantasy that actually feels fantastical at points without being over-cute.

Sarah: I would say “TREK”…except I haven’t seen it yet, JERKS. I will say something about Trek, though. It’s been really amazing to see the sheer, balls-out excitement buzzing around the flick this week. Sure, it’s been building for a while, but it really seemed to reach a fever pitch in the past 48 or so hours, as people procured tickets, stood in line, and giddily Twittered their thoughts afterwards. Trek hasn’t generated that kind of excitement in years — this really does feel like the big, fat rebirth Paramount was hoping for. That kind of pure geek excitement is what makes fandom so damn exciting. Plus, I would just like to say that even though I’m still a little crabby that Uhura’s the only chick in the thing, she looks really kick-ass and pretty and yay Zoe Saldana. Now don’t spoil the movie for me. JERKS.

Chris: During high-school and university, I was a total Trekkie. I bought the merch. I watched the shows. I hosted the Host A Murder Mystery TNG game, and as host, graciously played the role of Guinan, complete with mumu, fake dreads, and improvised space-hat. I had a Lt. Commander costume for Halloween. I used the same pattern to talk a friends mom into making myself and some friends TNG uniform-style t-shirts (they were awesome) and off we went to the first VulCon in Vulcan, Alberta. That died down about 2/3 into the run of Deep Space Nine, but in my hey-day… Hell, I even had a final episode of TNG party, complete with Wesley Crusher Cookies. Basically, take a ginger bread man cutter to sugar cookie dough, and before baking, score along the neck. Get it? Easy to snap necks (this bears no relation to the awesomeness that is Wil Wheaton, but rather a firm, communal dislike of the Wesley character. Sorry, Wil.)

So you’d think this past week would have been Trek, Trek, Trek. And you’d be right, but not like you’d think. See, I somehow got myself roped into helping organize a mini-con. I’ve been off the junk for 20 years, and here I am, arranging a Klingon Rap Battle, Trek Slam Poetry, and a special showing of all things Khaaaaaaaaaaaan (movie, TOS episode, animated episode with the Eugenics war doctor, etc.)
So, that’s been it mostly. Running my ass off for that. Boy, I hope it turns out awesome. You’re all invited by the way, if you’re in Vancouver next weekend.

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  1. Marjie

    We went to BK at 1:30am last night in a valiant effort to complete our glass collection. We still need Uhura and Nero. Unfortunately, BK which used to be open 24hrs a day is apparently not anymore. There were no glasses. No “Welcome to BK! How can I help you?” Only sorrow. Must rectify situation today. I could, however, do without the “Kingon” glass-stealing commercials. I wonder if BK is proud they have one of the creepiest fast food mascots ever. The way he “flourishes…” *shudder*

    I still resent Nowhere Man for saving McMinnville from the mind control of its TVs and the ultimate destruction of the Donna Nelsonesque townspeople, but I like Pike well enough. 🙂

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