A sound that could kill someone

A sound that could kill someone

Apr 16

Office chatter turned into YouTube scouring today, ending at last with the Kate Bush video for Experiment IV, wherein a very young Hugh Laurie, Dawn French, and slightly younger Slartibartfast have their experiments in music twisted into a weapon by the British military. A very 80s theme. And as a video, it’s practically a mini-movie, complete with some effects lifted from Ghostbusters and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

This video just goes to show that all rock stars are nerds. Doesn’t matter what kind of music they make, they’re all giant geeks.


  1. specter

    Not sure how a song about a sound that could kill you makes you a nerd…

  2. D00M33

    i’ve been looking for this song FOREVER! I haven’t heard it since i was a kid


  1. Dawn French - Dawn French... In novels, a book may be divided into several large sections, also...

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