Geek Misc.

Geek Misc.

Jun 27

Holy hell! A lot happened while I was gone.

First of all, Futurama‘s coming back — for realz!

Second, I wasn’t the only one put off by the now-infamous scene in last week’s Rescue Me. Co-creator Peter Tolan actually attempted to respond to the fans, making for some fascinating intar-web intar-action.

And thirdly, my friend Jenelle saw Superman. She pretty much confirmed my worst fears about Kate, but the rest sounds sweet. She also informed me that my love, Kal Penn, has two lines but much screentime.

I’ll be able to see for myself when I go to the movie at 10 p.m. sharp tonight. I haven’t been to a late-night screening in AGES, so this should be interesting. Do I need a beach ball or something?

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