Jeff Bridges's Iron Man photos

Jeff Bridges's Iron Man photos

Nov 24

Apparently Jeff Bridges is a shutterbug – a good one too, judging from this collection of photos he took on and off the set of Iron Man. I’ve heard acting is a lot of sitting around and waiting, so actors come up with ways to kill time. Video games, knitting… The Duderino takes photos.

Personally, I’ve given a lot of respect to Jon Favreau for knowing the material. I’ve even given Downey Jr. props for his refreshing attitude towards “comic book material.” What I didn’t know what that Jeff Bridges deserves a little as well, given this quote from the collection;

Another reason I wanted to do this movie was I’d get to shave my head. I always wanted to do that. Jon said I didn’t have to, but then Obadiah Stane, in the comic book, was bald, so…

The Dude abides, honestly.


  1. That photo album was almost better than the movie. Almost. Iron Man was a pretty frakkin’ good movie.

  2. I never need new reasons to love Jeff Bridges like a father, but it’s always good to have one. Great link.

    although I’m a bit confused about the whole “let’s write the script the day of” thing. Hard to imagine that being the case, really…but who knows. Why would Jeff lie to me?!?!?!

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