Petty Bitchery: Trek Trailer Blues

Petty Bitchery: Trek Trailer Blues

Nov 17

OK. So when it comes to Nerdiquette…y’all know that I generally try to be part of the solution, rather than the problem. I want to be a geek who does not conform to the Mundanes’ general perception of stereotypical geek behavior. I try to use “actually” sparingly. I try not to force people to read/watch/consume shit they won’t really like, even if I think it is TEH AWESOME, WOOT! And I really try not to whine incessantly about stuff I think I am somehow entitled to just because I’m a fan.

Right now, however, I’m about to go all nerd stereotype BITCH ATTACK on your virtual ass…because I still haven’t seen the Star Trek trailer. And do you know why? Because I went to Quantum of Solace on Saturday fully prepared for said trailer — I refused to watch the bootleg Matt posted below, because I wanted to see it on the big screen — and then THEY DIDN’T SHOW IT.


They showed that fucking Will Smith trailer twice. I don’t care what the pseudo-mysterious “seven pounds” refers to! I don’t care if this is Oscar bait or just one of those “gritty” thrillers where no one wears make-up! I want Spock! Pointy ears on the big fucking screen!

The excitement evaporated from my entire form after that. I slumped over in my seat and kept dozing off…and I liked the movie! It was good! There was a lot of awesome in there! But I was so, so deflated. It’s like I just gave up.

So now the official trailer is out online, but I don’t want to watch that, either. Because I am owed. I am owed a Star Trek trailer on the big screen and I refuse to watch it on the little bitty one until I get it! Rargh, smash, angry sounds!!!

I already hate myself for writing this. It stoops to a level of petty bitchery that I thought I had banished from my geekly soul (well, maybe not when it comes Phoenix/Cyclops stuff. But I’m allowed That One Thing, remember). In the end, I am no better than the constant complainers in our fandom, the “actually”-bots, the self-entitled Comic Book Guys (and Girls). A disturbing revelation, but one that I probably just need to accept. (Angry, time-wasting letter to you, AMC!)


  1. See…don’t you feel a little better getting that out into the world?

    I’m sorry that your AMC sucks the big wet one.

  2. Add Kerasotes Theaters to the shit-list. No Star Trek last night and I got the damn Will Smith trailer twice. I feel your pain.

  3. Man, I’m with you. I *refuse* to watch trailers online (okay, I watched ‘Iron Man.’ And ‘Watchmen’. But I regretted both. when I got to the theater and I’d already seen it.

    But a guy I work with saw Quantum on Friday night in a different theater, and got the Trek trailer. I went on Saturday and did not. No love, Regal Cinemas. No love.

  4. Is this the AMC over by P.F. Chang’s in Manhattan Beach?

    I am totally boycotting that place! It helps that I live in Florida.

  5. Thank you for validating me. Caroline, I guess this is another point of slight irrationality that we share. 😉

    No, not that AMC — it was a random one near Jeff’s parents’ place in Whittier. You can boycott that one, too!

  6. Stever

    I felt the same way when I saw I Am Legend and they didn’t play the Dark Knight trailer

  7. it must be will smith’s fault.

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