Favreau Talks Marvel @ Ain't It Cool

Favreau Talks Marvel @ Ain't It Cool

Oct 29

There’s a great interview up at Ain’t It Cool with Quint talking to Jon Favreau and touching on everything from Iron Man 2 to the Avengers movie and even Cameron’s Avatar. Relatively light on spoilers, and full of intriguing, reassuring quotes.

I really like Favreau. I have since Swingers.

I remember seeing Swingers at the show in college, and the answering machine sequence…man, it was amazing. The whole theater was just astonished and laughing, and it made such a huge impact on me, as this perfect little bit of comedy that’s just dripping with pathos. You feel so bad for the guy, but not so bad that you don’t laugh your ass off. As a weird lonely twerp at the time, it hit me where I lived, and where I still vacation from time to time.

On the Marvel stuff, I like that he’s a really talented filmmaker who is sorta coming into his own as a blockbuster director with these films. He gets the genre stuff and he seems to really understand and respect the fans, but not to such a degree that he’s too worshipful of the material or the geek audience.

His attitude is just spot-on, and it’s a breath of fresh air, after Bryan Singer dry humped the film canisters of Donner’s Superman flicks and Brett Ratner tossed together that hugely underwhelming X-Men 3 with bits of decent stories stuck into a blender and poured down a toilet.

I think the right attitude lies right between those two extremes, and that’s where Favreau seems to be. Marvel’s lucky to have him.

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  1. That same Swingers moment also resonated hugely for me. I identified with him so much in that movie. He also always seemed like such a nice dude…it’s cool to see him having this kind of success.

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