Don't Miss This: Marvel Embraces Digital

Don't Miss This: Marvel Embraces Digital

Oct 17

…okay, so maybe “embrace” isn’t the right word. Marvel “nuzzles suggestively with digital” might fit better, or maybe “Marvel dry humps digital in the back of mom’s station wagon.”

But finally, at long last, a major American comics publisher is moving forward with some kind of original content exclusively for the internet, leveraging their brand and stable of recognizable characters to push the medium into the realm of bits and bytes.

Again, I don’t want to gush too much over this story–it’s eight titles or something, not a dramatic reimagining of their print publishing line, or even pure digital downloads of current floppies.

But it’s Spider-Man. And it’s recognizable names in comics, like Frank Tieri, Tom DeFalco, Bob Gale, and others. And it’s even a little bit adventurous–not TOO adventurous, as this is still stuff well within the wheelhouse of the average Joe Twenty-sided Die (you know, like Joe Sixpack? Am I trying too hard there?). Still, we’ve got monster comics and western comics, alongside the superheroics…hell, even well-deserved critical favorite Jason Aaron gets in on the action! Writing American Eagle, an obscure hero who recently graced the pages of Thunderbolts!

Just let’s recognize, is all I’m saying. A step forward. A baby step, but a real step nonetheless. Well played, Quesada. Well played.

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