Happy Birthday, Jack Kirby

Happy Birthday, Jack Kirby

Aug 28

Many other fine bloggers are taking a moment today to celebrate what would have been Jack Kirby’s 91st birthday.

I’m a relatively recent Kirby Konvert; I think what pushed me over the edge was the Fourth World Omnibus Volume 1. Now I’m insatiable in consuming whatever Kirby I can get my hands on, especially his seventies work.

There is no other creator–in comics or otherwise–who literally blows my mind every time I am exposed to any of their work. Only Kirby does that for me.

Anyway, this is my favorite Kirby page. I love everything about it–the expression on Avia’s face, the dialogue (yes, I happen to love Kirby’s dialogue–it’s beat poetry for nerds), this moment of brief calm before battle tears this perfect world to shreds and leads ultimately to the battle against ultimate good and ultimate evil that is the Fourth World saga.

Thanks for everything, Jack.

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