The Shitty Watchmen Sequel Contest

The Shitty Watchmen Sequel Contest

Aug 06

It was a comment by Tom Spurgeon in a news round-up, about Titan putting out some Watchmen-related movie books, that got me thinking:

Although they’re not comics as such, they’re likely to be attractive to a lot of retailers that primarily carry comics because of the original comic’s sterling sales pedigree in those stores, and the fact that there aren’t sequels or an ongoing series to push along with the trade if you do business that way.

Ah, but…what if?

What if there WERE a Watchmen sequel project planned, now that the movie’s on its way and no huge corporation can resist a good IP flagging in the name of profits?

Hence, The Shitty Watchmen Sequel Contest.

Your task: To develop the absolute WORST possible pitch for a sequel or tie-in comic to this beloved decades-old graphic novel classic. Something as insipid, humorless, and shallow as the original was inspired, clever, and intricate.

We’re talking creative team, story idea, sketches if so inclined, mock covers–the whole bit.

The only rule: Alan Moore or Dave Gibbons cannot be involved in any way in your hypothetical projects.

Should Nite Owl team up with Lady Death? Could the Comedian be given a mutant power and reimagined as a Wolverine-style antihero with more pouches on his costume than Cable and Bishop combined? Does Superman need to battle Dr. Manhattan for the fate of the multiverse?

And PRIZES abound! I have a small stack here of lightly-used quality trades, including:

Cromartie High School Vol. 1 & 2
Godland Vol. 1: Hello Cosmic
American Flagg: Hard Times

Plus whatever crap I can dig up before the contest ends! And whatever crap my Alert Nerd blog buddies can dig up too! Just lots of GREAT CRAP!

We’ll close this out in about two weeks, at which point we’ll put up all the entries in a poll and the world will decide who has done the best job at cheapening and denigrating a classic of modern fiction.

Post your links below or just toss your pitches into the comments.

Go forth. Be terrible. Good luck!

(I hope our blog has enough readers to actually pull in some submissions! Help us pimp if you can!)


  1. Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

  2. Chris

    The layout is a freebie theme called Gossip City, which I then heavenly re-colour schemed, and shuffled stuff around on.

    There’s a link at the bottom of the page with a link to the guys that made the original theme.


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