Gadget Whore

Gadget Whore

Jun 29

I write this from my new Nokia 770 Internet tablet.

It is cool, but hard.

That is all.

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey

Jun 28

Today, I drop my comics pull list.


I’m off the smack. I’m on the wagon. I’m out.

Money’s a big factor–I’ve been spending way too much on bullshit–but there’s also the huge pile of stuff I’ve bought and haven’t read yet, and the fact that much of what both DC and Marvel are putting out is kinda annoying me, and the whole “wait for the trade” phenomenon, which given my reading pace, makes a whole lot more sense for me.

I’ll be back, I’m sure. Maybe sooner, maybe later. And trust me–I will have PLENTY to read so I’ll be consuming comics for some time to come.

I just won’t wait for Wednesdays anymore.

EDIT: See? I can’t even maintain resolve for a few hours. I just tried cutting it WAY down instead. We’ll see if I can pull that off.

EDIT 2 (6/29/07): Okay, back to reality. My pull list is dead. Long live my pull list.

wikiWikiWikiWhack: Pull List



Jun 27

I so want this, but it’s way too much money, right? Money that could be spent on other things, right? Why, for that money, I could be a character in Rumble Girls eight times over. I could buy four UglyDolls. I could…do…other stuff.

The point is, I am definitely NOT buying it.

Right? Right?!

Dammit, USA

Dammit, USA

Jun 26

Gaaaaargh! My USA Network summer entertainment has been fucked with. I was all set for the salty, popcorn-flavored treat that is The 4400/Dead Zone Sunday double-header. Both shows are terrifically entertaining and over the years, they’ve done a bang-up job of employing some of the best former Star Trek writers around (Ira Steven Behr, Rene Echevarria, Robert Hewitt Wolfe, Michael Taylor and of course, the late, great Michael Piller). Plus, unlike the multiplex-based big-time summer entertainment, I do not have to leave my house to enjoy these offerings.


Both season premieres, however, contained some nasty, cast-changing surprises. The 4400 seems to have permanently ditched My TV Girlfriend, Karina Lombard, trapping her in the past and/or in some stupid fucking painting. They’ve also gotten rid of the deliciously brittle Samantha Ferris (also seen last year in Supernatural), replacing her with Jenni Baird as Tom and Diana’s supremely irritating new boss. And hey, possibly Tom’s new love interest, so I guess she’s replacing Karina as well. New Boss Lady’s idea of a litmus test is asking all of her employees if they’ve seen La Dolce Vita (only Diana has, naturally). This is just one example of why she sucks. Also, Richard is nowhere to be seen (I’ve heard he returns later in the season), but his hellbeast daughter is still around. Bah.

At least the cast of The 4400 is large enough to cushion the blow a bit — I still have Diana and Maia and River and Weyoun. The changes to The Dead Zone are more troubling, because they alter the core of the series. In the season premiere, they killed Walt, ditched Bruce and it seems like they might be sending Purdy packing as well (though I could be wrong about that, as I was in sort of a state of glazed disbelief throughout the hour). Also, they replaced JJ with a completely different JJ who looks nothing like Johnny. Wha…?

The last two moves aren’t such a big deal. Purdy isn’t completely necessary to the show and the new JJ seems to be a somewhat better kid actor…so, uh, there’s that. But Bruce is Johnny’s confidante! His interactions with Johnny provide for some of the best comedic moments on the show. A lot of times, the so-called sidekick illuminates the protagonist of a series in a way that other characters just can’t (think Buffy and Willow). Bruce does that.

As for Walt, well…one of my favorite elements of the series has always been the delicate dance between Johnny, Sarah and Walt. It’s a rich three-way relationship wherein there are few easy answers: Johnny pines for Sarah; Sarah loves Johnny, but has moved on; Sarah also loves Walt, but always wonders “what if”; and Walt’s a decent guy who cares for Sarah and JJ and has a genuine friendship with Johnny. One of the best parts of last season was Sarah finally allowing herself to be completely happy in her relationship with Walt. It looked like Johnny was actually going to move on and I just love the bizarre family dynamic these characters share, thanks to their sometimes-awkward, sometimes-awesome three-way parenting of JJ. Instead, the writers have laid the groundwork for Sarah and Johnny to be together in a way that’s easy and guilt-free. Because Walt’s dead! Problem solved! Gross.

So did they jettison like half the cast because they needed to do some belt-tightening in order to return for a sixth season (I’d initially heard that a sixth season was sort of iffy, hence my based-on-nothing speculation)? Or did they just feel the need to introduce a hot new sheriff for Johnny to buddy up with? Either way, I don’t like it.

And obviously, there is much POWER in me NOT LIKING something! That’s why they cancelled Charmed.



Jun 25

Yep. The recently-released Jack Kirby Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 1 is so tasty that I had to bust out my James Lipton impersonation for the title.

How awesome is this book? I am just about halfway through it, and already, I have seen:

–A giant Jimmy Olsen who’s green and looks kinda like The Hulk with freckles.
–A group of weird kids, patterned after the hippies of the late sixties, known instead as the Hairies.
–The old, bearded Mister Miracle, who I did not even know existed.
–More cosmic Kirby bubbles than I can shake a stick at.

Seriously. This is great stuff, people. The energy in one panel of Kirby’s artwork blows away anything being done by any other artist at any other time in the entire history of the medium.

Wow, Jack Kirby’s COOL. News to me!