Last night a Nerdcore MC saved my life.

Last night a Nerdcore MC saved my life.

Sep 28

I abandoned radio years ago. Even before the mp3 era was born, I was a die-hard Walkingman. Take this top 40 and shove it. I’ve never looked back.

Which should provide some perspective when I tell you that Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston is stuck in my head. This song is getting enough airplay that it punched through my carefully constructed bubble of I-play-what-I-want.

Thankfully, the Internets has saved me. Thank you MC Skeletor – now I can go with the masses, but on my terms. You may need to select the track specifically on the right – as the auto player is on random.

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  1. I do what I can. BTW, I have a new album coming out. Sean Kingston has declined to respond to my request to be on it.


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