Lost 6.1 & 6.2, “LA X”

Lost 6.1 & 6.2, “LA X”

Feb 09

What a long, strange trip it’s been.

I don’t think I’ve followed anything as faithfully as I’ve followed Lost. Aside from my marriage, it’s the longest commitment I’ve ever made.


So it’s hard to believe it’s almost over, and moreso, that at least most of the questions that have stacked up over the years are about to be answered. I’ve occasionally lost faith in Lost, and it’s been because of their inability at times to keep all their plates spinning. Creating a mythology on television has to represent a pact with viewers–you keep watching, and eventually, you’ll find out what the hell is happening.

Instead, thanks to a mid-series period of floundering storylines and repetitious character beats (Jack’s a control freak! WE GET IT THANKS), that pact began to wither. Fortunately, the producers and ABC put a dotted line in the sand to end the series in 2010, and the show almost immediately gained much-needed focus.

Now here we are at the end, the only end, my friends. (The Doors AND the Dead quoted in the same article?! Unpossible!) And it feels…good. Great, even.

SPOILERS AHEAD, in case you haven’t seen this episode yet.

The Bin – 2/5/10

The Bin – 2/5/10

Feb 05


Back in the day, we used to just like stuff every week. We still like stuff, but now we mix in links, videos and other random claptrap. It’s like the Cold Stone Creamery of nerd-dom; we call it The Bin, and we’ve gotta have it.

Marvel (Fan)Girls

Marvel (Fan)Girls

Feb 04


I sometimes deliver these pronouncements that make me sound like I’m permanently stuck in 1999. “Wow, the internet!” I’ll say. “So goddamn amazing, no?!” (I imagine myself sporting a too-big dot-com swag tee, Discman headphones jammed over my ears and piping in “69 Love Songs” as I’m saying this, by the way.)

But, look, I’ve been thinking a whole lot about the internet — and its amazingness — recently, thanks to a bunch of virtual kerfuffles and debates, mostly having to do with ladies and comics. I was depressed by the raftload of negativity that greeted the Girl Comics announcement*, then perplexed that there wasn’t more negativity towards that sausage fest Heroic Age image**. I track all of this on Twitter, of course, then follow up with longer outraged/not-outraged/outraged-by-the-outrage emails between internet friends. But whatever your feelings on any of these topics, here’s something I never quite thought about whilst debating them: it seems like we’ve finally moved beyond the “yeah, girls do read comics!” portion of the discussion.

Nerdly Advice

Nerdly Advice

Feb 02

“Whatever happened to Nerdly Advice?” someone asked me a few days ago. And it’s not the first time over the past few months that the question’s been asked.

Nerdly Advice is still here every Tuesday, shining its light off the dock and waiting, waiting, waiting for Daisy. Except, much like Gatsby’s one true love, the questions have dried up.  Without them, I’m forced to do more Batman answers Ann Landers posts, and nobody wants that, especially that one guy who got really offended because I bit his decades-old username (and it was completely on purpose).

What I’m saying is, lay those questions on us. We know you’ve got them.  Hit us up in the comments, or email us at nerdlyadvice@gmail.com.