Apr 28

As happens on an almost daily basis–at least, it seems that way in my life, but maybe I just soak too much in the writhing cesspool of teh intarweb’s geek communities–some fairly substantial bit of geeky news has hit, and everyone is bitching.

Nintendo’s new Revolution console is now officially named Wii. Pronounced “we,” as in, “Wii play Mario Kart! Wii wave this strange remote device in front of our television to steer! Wii be playing with power!”

Honestly, it’s not THAT shitty a name. It’s kinda crazy. But I like that it underlines Nintendo’s approach with the console–to break out of the shark-infested waters of modern gaming and present a product that will appeal to gamers, sure, but also to Grandma and little Billy who has always loved Pokemon and your girlfriend who doesn’t know Link from Master Chief but will enjoy waving that strange remote device around to make fun things happen.

Plus, it has the trendy lower case “i.” TWICE. Take that, Apple!

In other gaming news, this Star Trek battle simulator looks like it has potential. I’d pay $50 to command the Enterprise (NCC-1701, please, NOT A or B or C or D or even E) in battle against some goateed Klingon scum.

Alien Nation's For The Rich

Alien Nation's For The Rich

Apr 27

Please forgive the awkward They Might Be Giants pun. Coachella is this weekend, and I’m just music-drenched.

This kid from Britain used security exploits in off-the-shelf Windows to HACK INTO THE U.S. MILITARY’S COMPUTER SYSTEMS. He cites WarGames as an inspiration. I guess the days of a giant greenish room with massive banks of processors are long gone, and those charged with protecting our nation are just making do with fucking off-the-shelf eMachines? Do they just scan the Best Buy and CompUSA ads every week to wait for the best deal? Maybe they buy used on Craigslist?

I mean, Jesus H.

Anyway, this kid claims he saw evidence that the government is harboring alien technology. I’m not quite sure how to feel about this. On the one hand, why would he lie? He’s in the news regardless cause he hacked into our computers and gained access to our military secrets through a FUCKING WINDOWS-BASED MACHINE I COULD PROBABLY BUY AT WAL-MART.

On the other hand, crazy enough to hack into the US military’s computers after 9/11 probably equals crazy enough to invent aliens.

I just don’t know what to think anymore.

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Apr 26

BSG prequel in the works! Called Caprica! Excited! Talking in fragments!

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The Amazing Chan Clan

The Amazing Chan Clan

Apr 26

I never caught this show when it was originally on – partly because I didn’t have the right channel and partly because the show only lasted for the briefest of periods. I did discover it later and find a place in my heart for its cheesy theme song.

The short version is that Hanna-Barbera decided to turn the character of Charlie Chan into a cartoon, fighting crime Scooby-Doo style with his ten kids and their dog.

A much more interesting read is this blog post by Mark Evanier, the only guy fast enough to keep up with Sergio Aragonés. Evanier was unfortunate enough to script the first Chan Clan comic for Gold Key Comics.

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Secret Wars 101

Secret Wars 101

Apr 25

I <3 YouTube. Because of YouTube I've discovered many (two) hours of viewing goodness. And I also discovered this. This warms my heart, my cold dead heart that had the life crushed from it by the death of Ted Kord.

The Secret Wars Re-enactment Society!

Awesome. I can’t wait until they do Secret Wars 2.

Technically, I discovered it thanks to Aaron Williams – if you’re not reading PS238, then you’re missing out and possibly, terribly, un-cool.

The YouTube video was from geek-week.net‘s inaugural video podcast – here’s hoping they can keep up the momentum.

Oh, and Sarah has a comic blog. My biggest complaint is that there’s only two entries. Write more, Sarah. Now.

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